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Antriksh Shah is a security analyst from Goa and founder of Payatu, Nullcon, and

Talk Title: Building Hardware Security Communities

In life and in business there is nothing more precious than being part of strong and supportive communities. Belonging to the right work communities allow for remarkable career (and not only!) developments of an individual by knowledge- and experience-sharing, the exchange of best practices, and learning news skills. In this talk, we will present how a hardware security community is built from 0. We will shortly discuss some major security trends and hacks that explain why there is an increased need for securing smart devices. Second, we will dissect our learnings about the hardware security ecosystem since 2014, discussing who are the key stakeholders in terms of initiatives, hackerspaces, and meetup groups. We will then uncover the gaps within the industry, arguing why there is a disconnect between industry, academia, and community. Personal approaches, challenges, and observations will then be shared, culminating in how has been created as a unique hardware security community.

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