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Cryptographic R&D Engineer for Embedded CyberSecurity, in charge of Secure-IC’s Post-Silicon Security Analysis solutions for both Side Channel and Fault Injection physical evaluation.

After a Master degree on “Information Mathematics and Cryptography” at Rennes 1 university (France), I integrated Secure-IC’s team 7 years ago to Pre&Post-Silicon Security Analysis projects, manipulating both Side Chanel and Fault Injection platform (EM & Power measurement, EM fault injection, Power and Clock glitch fault injection, Laser fault injection, XYZ table, …). I participate in project management, platform improvement and usage for evaluation, software development and worldwide training.

Talk Title: Fault Injection methodology with Analyzr platform

  1. FIA with POwer & Clock Glitch Injector (POCGI) a. Glitch injection theory b. POCGI setup c. Practical Use Cases on Xilinx FPGA and AVR microcontroller

  2. FIA with EM Injection a. EM perturbation theory b. EM Injection setup c. Practical Use Case on Door Lock digicode end-user device

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